Cornwall, November 22: Wholesome World app founder Freyja Hanstein's breathed her last after a long battle with brain tumour at the age of 36. She died only a few years after her husband's death who was suffering from a rare abdominal cancer. Wholesome World broke the heartbreaking news on an Instagram post that said their founder died "peacefully in her sleep" on Thursday, November 16.

Freyja Hanstein who hails from Cornwall tragically lost her husband  Lars when he was 28 years of age,  just one month after their marriage in 2014, reported Mirror. Lars was suffering from abdominal synovial sarcoma, a rare type of cancer that tends to occur near large joints, especially knees. She was still dealing with the loss of her partner when she herself was diagnosed with brain tumour the following year, when she was only 26. Two Skies! Florida Sky 'Splits' As US State Soaks in Rare Sunset, Videos Go Viral.

As per reports Hanstein had high grade oligodendroglioma, which begins with growth of cells called tumour inside the brain. She was diagnosed with brain tumour 10 months after her husband's death. These series of painful incidents, led to the creation of the health and wellness app Wholesome World that would help the generations to come. The "cancer fighting" app was recognised by NHS (publicly funded healthcare system in England).

Lars and Freyja Hanstein met in a little island during their separate trips to Indonesia in 2011. According to Hanstein, Lars showed up in London after she had returned home and since then their love story started. Lars health deteriorated during this time and he eventually died in November 6, 2014, one month after the duo got married. UK: Man and Woman Caught on Camera Having Sex in Golf Course's Bunker in St Andrews, Video Goes Viral.

In 2019, after her brain surgery she thought that she was in the clear as scans showed that only scar tissue was growing in the place of the tumour, which meant the brain was healing. But, her situation got worse due to  complications rising from the brain tumour which led to her death in November 16. Heartfelt messages, condolences poured in on social media after Hanstein's death.

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