The millennial language is continually evolving. There is a new term for every new trend, so it is no surprise that the Gen Z has come up with new jargons and slangs during COVID-19 pandemic. As we spend more time social distancing, let us look at the top trending pandemic related terms of the time. Keep reading for the words Gen Z has made up for the coronavirus era to keep your lingo up to scratch.

1. Covidiot

If you are still going to try to throw a lavish birthday party, you are a covidiot. Covidiot is a term coined for people who are not taking the pandemic seriously and breaking most social distancing norms. These are the people who try to lead their lives generally during these testing times. The term is also used for people who spread misinformation about the virus and hoard groceries.

2. Covidient

Covidient is a term used to refer people who strictly follow the social distancing norms and the directives of the government during the outbreak. From World War III to Coronavirus, Funny Memes and Jokes are Trending on How 2020 is Going So Far.


3. Corona Bae

Did you find someone you are attracted to during self-isolation? Also referred to as quarantine bae, this is someone you started dating virtually during the COVID-19 lockdown.

4. Coronials

Say hello to coronials. This term is referred to the babies that will be born in the months following the lockdown. The word started trending in social media when users wondered if the lockdown period could cause an increase in the birth rate.

5. Coronacation

Do you want to throw a Skype or a Zoom party during coronacation? As schools have moved online, and students are home, they use the term coronacation for their self-isolation period at home.

6. Coronic

All the people tested positive for the novel coronavirus are called coronics. Quite a creative way of naming patients, isn't it? Coronavirus Quarantine Funny Memes and Jokes Are Keeping Spirits High as Positive Messages Provide Much-Needed Inspiration in Times of Despair.

7. Zumping

For all the break-ups in the time of social distancing and lockdown, zumping is a term used for dumping someone over Zoom calls or any other video service. Playing Ludo During Quarantine? These Funny Memes and Jokes Perfectly Describe Every Player Who Has Played This Popular Game EVER!

8. Coronaspeck

The word speck is usually used in the English language to describe puppy fat or flab. The word is used as an expression for the weight gained in lockdown as the world attempts to flatten the curve.

9. Zoombombing

Zoom-bombing is when an uninvited guest gate-crashes, or video bombs a virtual meeting. They try to take control of the meeting by even sharing inappropriate content.

How many of these new coronavirus terms did you know? And which among them do you think is the coolest of them all? Let us know in comments.

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