The pandemic of Coronavirus has put several countries into a state of lockdown. Social distancing has become the need of the hour and the best way to stay away from the deadly flu. As more and more people adjust to quarantine life, people are getting creative to ensure they are maintaining the social distance yet getting stuff done. A guy from Brooklyn got a date via using a drone! One person from Mexico ensured his craving for Cheetos is fulfilled by sending out his pet to the store! People are abiding by this social distance and having some fun in their lives. Working From Home Amid Coronavirus Outbreak? Twitterati Come Up With Great Makeshift Desk Ideas to Deal With WFH

As the pandemic limits everyone within four walls of their homes, a lot of love lives have come to a stop (unless you live with your lover). For others, dating in the time of pandemic has mostly gone to online dates. Meanwhile, shops and restaurants are mostly closed and in case they are open, there's a risk to venture out there and get stuff. In these times, drones have come as an effective tool. People are using drones to deliver, one managed to get a date with it; another used it to deliver toilet paper, the thing in great demand right now. Let us look at how people are enjoying social distancing life.

Guy Gets a Date Via Drone!

Who would have thought drone could help in match-making? But a guy from Brooklyn gave it a chance and turns out it worked pretty well. Brooklyn-based photographer Jeremy Cohen saw a girl practising her dance routine on her terrace. He waved out to her and sent a drone with his number on it. The girl replied and they started talking. In the next update, the two even had a date, both of them sitting in their own balconies! Jeremy shared the updates on his Twitter and the videos are going viral. #SocialDistancingPickUpLines Take Over Twitter and They Are the Much-Needed Comic Relief Amid Self-Quarantining, Funny Memes Go Viral.

Watch the Viral Videos Here:

When He Sent Out His Number

It's a Date!

Well, well! Someone's got their social distancing dating life in check!

Man Sends Pet to Buy Cheetos

Antonio Munoz from Mexico wanted to get Cheetos from the store, but he could not step out with the risk of Coronavirus. And instead of calling up the store to deliver, he sent out his pet Chihuahua with a note attached on his collar. He even kept the $20 attached along. While things could have gone wrong, with the pet losing its way or being fooled by anyone on the way, they did not. The pet returned with orange Cheetos as he had asked for.

Watch the Pics Here:

The pictures are going viral with over 30,000 like and 25,000 plus shares. His pet has done a brilliant job must say.

Man Sends Toilet Paper Using a Drone

Toilet paper crisis is very much real and we have seen how people have fought to get their hands on one. In the last few weeks, as the situation worsens, there is still a shortage of toilet paper rolls. A man in San Franciso used his drone to deliver toilet paper to his friend living across the street.

Watch the Video Here:

The above instances are some examples which show how people are maintaining social distancing and yet having so fun along. Drones are really coming effective to deliver things right? Have you seen the video where a man in Cyprus used a drone to walk his dog? Social media is filled with such funny posts from quarantine life, which will definitely make you smile.

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