Coronavirus lockdown has completely changed the way humans have been living so far. From our social get-togethers, food habits, celebrations and work life, everything has been disrupted paving way for a new one. In the current situations, the traditional way of funeral services has been cancelled. People have now found new ways to pay respects to the dead and meet their families. With social distancing being the need of the hour, people have found unique ways to attend funerals. From arriving in cars to rolling pulpits, people have come up with different funeral services which can be practised while following the guidelines of social distancing. As coronavirus lockdown continues, here are some of the newest ways of attending a funeral in different countries. Maintaining Social Distancing after Lockdown: How to Politely Tell People to Keep Their Distance from You in Public?

As the situation has turned upside down funeral homes are also mending their rules. Many are letting drive-thru funeral service so that family members can meet relatives and friends without breaking the guidelines of social distancing.

Social Distancing Funeral Service in New York:

The Scott family wanted a good funeral service to bid goodbye to the mother who passed away due to ovarian cancer. She has nine children and 12 grandchildren. But they followed the rules by the government to curb the spread of coronavirus and found a unique and safe way for mourners to pay respects. The family members stood outside foster funeral service as people drove in their trucks and cars. They can be seen coming inside one by one stop in front of the family for the condolences meeting.

Car Rally Condolence Meet in Delhi:

As the government has denied permission for any social gathering, people in West Delhi decided to attend condolences meeting by rallying in their car. A video which is shared on social media shows people coming in their cars and stopping in front of the grieving family to offer condolences. People can be seen coming out of their sunroof to meet the families holding placards with messages for the loved one. Social Distancing at Mahindra & Mahindra's Igatpuri Plant is Perfect Example of How Industries Should Resume Work Amid COVID-19 Pandemic (Watch Video)

Rolling Pulpit For Funeral:

A man in Petersburg, Virginia created a rolling pulpit for funeral service which follows the guidelines of social distancing. He created it after seeing how people grieved the death of their loved ones and could not even do a traditional funeral for them.

Funeral Home Offers Drive-Thru Viewing:

A family that was waiting for weeks to give their dead family member a proper funeral, could finally do so recently. Bryan Braker Funeral Home in California, the US offered drive-thru viewing letting the family arrange a proper funeral service. Distant family members, friends and relatives drove in to pay their respects while following protocols of social distancing that restricts mass gatherings. US Scientists Warn Social Distancing May Have to Remain Till 2022 to Contain COVID-19 Spread.

People are adopting different measures even in doing their daily activities to ensure the guidelines of social distancing are followed in the right sense. We hope the current crisis situation soon ends and things get back to normalcy.

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