Amidst India's digital landscape in 2023, a few viral videos surged to prominence. And when we say that, we essentially mean, if you randomly found yourself reciting 'pani, pani, pani' like that little boy from the reels, we don't judge because...SAME! We have all been there. From catching ourselves hiding under our sheets to listen to the useless but intriguing stories of 'Ganji Chudail' to considering 'looking like a WOW', the epitome of compliment, we have all had our favourite viral videos from the year 2023. Let's take a stroll down memory lane and cringe together.

‘Uncle Ji, Paani Pila Dijiye’

2023 was about many things, but most importantly, it was about hydration aka ‘Uncle Ji, Paani Pila Dijiye’. The video, starring a child alongside a man, a woman, and a distinctive purple water bottle, took over Instagram and HOW! It showcased a five-year-old with a high-pitched voice and a delayed audio track, where he urgently requests, “Paani, paani, paani… Uncleji, paani pila dijiye. Mera gala sookh raha hai (Uncle, I am thirsty… please give me some water)” and despite it being cringe AF people couldn't stop watching. Viral Memes of 2023: From 'Lappu Sa Sachin' & 'Billo Bagge Billeyan', Funny Memes and Desi Sarcasm That Got Us Through the Year.

Stories of 'Ganji Chudail'

The intriguing saga of the viral Chudail dominated our Instagram timelines this year. You must have surely encountered videos depicting this Chudail venting her anger on innocent villagers in an unspecified location and must have said to yourself, 'what on earth is it?'. But could you stop yourself from watching it, though? Exactly. This animated series gripped everyone's attention, sparking a surge in online popularity.

'Just Looking Like a Wow'

The latest sensation storming Instagram is the "Just Looking Like a Wow" video trend. In these videos, a woman enthusiastically displays different shades of salwar suits, praising their stunning appearance. Dive into the Story. Jasmine Kaur's videos have skyrocketed to immense popularity, spreading like wildfire across social media. - Srimoyee Chowdhury.

Girl Dancing To Bhojpuri Song Inside Crowded Train

A viral video captures a young girl dancing to a popular Bhojpuri song amidst a crowded and moving train, drawing the attention of fellow passengers. Dressed in a radiant blue outfit, the confident woman gracefully performs within the confines of the crowded coach. Engaged passengers spontaneously recorded this incident, causing the video to swiftly surge in online popularity.

Navratri 2023:'Nun' Costume Garba Dancers

Who can forget videos that went viral online depicting 'nuns' performing Garba (of course in costumes inspired by the horror film The Nun)? These amusing videos capture people joyfully participating in the garba dance, sporting humorous outfits, and enthusiastically dancing along with the crowd.


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When Orry Said He's a 'Liver'

In recent headlines, Orhan Awatramani, also known as Orry, gained attention by stating that someone engaged in jogging is a jogger, a person involved in painting is a painter, and by extension, someone who lives is a liver. This statement swiftly gained traction on social media, amusing many and sparking a wave of memes based on it.

As the year draws to a close, let's remember how much these videos have entertained, inspired, and connected people across the nation, leaving a lasting imprint on the tapestry of online content.

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