A picture of a gorged coastal carpet python outside a house after gorging on two brush-tail possums was shared by Snake Catchers Brisbane and Gold Coast recently. The post came along with an advice to the Australian natives to secure their pet enclosures as snakes have started to look for food in preparation for the cooler months.

The organisation further issued a caution to pet owners to secure pet enclosures like chicken coops because snakes are ravenous before the winter arrives. Flying Snake? Video of Viper Leaping off a Rooftop in Australia Goes Viral; It Will Give You the Chills!

“With the hatchling season moving behind us and the juveniles spreading out and thinning out we move into the next cycle of the snake season”, the company wrote in the caption to the post.

“The cooler weather is on the way and this time of years pythons are taking large food items to keep the body fat on to help them through the cooler months. This is the time of year to make sure your pet enclosure are rodent proof to help minimise a snake v pet encounters. Here is a large python this morning that managed to consume two brush tail possums”, it added.

Python Eats Two Brushtail Possums: 

The cooler months were welcomed on social media as a time for hibernation, though the Snake Catchers Brisbane and Gold Coast refuted this soon.

The organisation claimed that during the cooler months, particularly on warm winter days, snakes are still active and do not hibernate.

To prevent snakes from snacking on people's pets, residents were further encouraged to make sure the enclosures they have for their chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, and mice were secure.

With snakes more active in Australia during summer and two deaths from snake bites in the past few months, experts are urging people to act with caution if they encounter one of the reptiles. 'Secretive' Snake! Australian Man Steps on Highly Venomous Eastern Small-Eye Viper in His Own Home, Gets Hospitalised (See Pics).  

For the unversed, snakes are quite active in Australia during summers. The venomous species, which can be found throughout most of eastern Australia, was blamed for up to 65% of deaths between 2000 and 2016.

However, the majority of fatal snake bites are caused by eastern browns in the region, according to data provided by the National Coronial Information Service.

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