Panaji, February 5: The popular fusion dish, Gobi Manchurian, has faced a ban in Goa's Mapusa town, sparking debates over synthetic colours and hygiene standards. Councillor Tarak Arolkar initiated the call for the ban during the Bodgeshwar temple feast last month, leading to a unanimous decision by the Mapusa Municipal Council. This move follows a growing trend of public bodies in Goa expressing antipathy towards Gobi Manchurian.

As per a report by the Times of India, in 2022, during the Vasco Saptah fair at Shree Damodar temple, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) had issued instructions to the Mormugao Municipal Council to restrict stalls selling Gobi Manchurian. Concerns ranged from poor hygiene practices to the use of synthetic colours and even the alleged use of substandard sauces and laundry powder. Tandoor Ban: Tandoori Roti To Become Thing of Past As Madhya Pradesh Government Bans Tandoors in Bhopal and Three Other Cities, Here's Why.

According to multiple reports, MMC chairperson Priya Mishal cited hygiene concerns as the primary reason for the ban, stating that vendors operated in unhygienic conditions and used synthetic colours. She claimed that vendors were explicitly told to refrain from selling Gobi Manchurian while obtaining stall permissions. On the contrary, a senior Food Safety Officer at the FDA pointed out that vendors were also reprimanded for using substandard sauces harmful for consumption. According to the FDA officer, vendors showcased quality sauces but used inferior ones during Gobi Manchurian preparation. Kerala: Raw Egg Mayonnaise Banned in State After Food Poisoning Deaths.

The officer revealed the use of a powder, similar to 'reetha' used for washing clothes, in the batter to maintain crispiness after deep-frying cauliflower florets. This led to a significant price difference, with the officer questioning why the dish costs more in restaurants compared to stalls at local fairs. Vendors criticized the crackdown, emphasising that the entire community was targeted due to the actions of a few individuals.

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