Golden Globes Photobomber AKA Fiji Water Girl Kelleth Cuthbert Inspires HILARIOUS Memes
Fiji water girl memes. (Photo Credit: Twitter screengrab)

The Golden Globes 2019 memes have raided the internet and let alone the award function, the red carpet itself has churned some hilarious memes that will make you roll on the floor laughing. The award show hasn't even begun, and we have the first Golden Globe meme trend. What turned into fodder for memes was a beautiful brunette woman who was later identified as Kelleth Cuthbert holding a tray of Fiji water. Yes, this beautiful woman in a blue gown who is said to be a model was seen carrying the tray and standing behind the actors. The funny part was that she was seen behind almost all actors and in no time, she turned into a meme. Golden Globes 2019 Live Streaming Date & Time in IST: From Hosts to Nominations to Channels, Know Everything About 76th Golden Globe Awards Ceremony.

A few of the celebs behind whom she was spotted were, Dakota Fanning, Jim Carrey, Luke Evans, Richard Madden, Cody Fern, etc. She stood behind like a queen holding the tray and making eye contact with the camera from the background. Twitterati took no time in pumping out memes based on her.

Here are a few hand-picked Fiji Girl memes that will make you laugh till you fall.

We want to know!!!

You can't unsee it.

Can't stop laughing.

ROFLing hard.

Legit WHY!?

What's the secret?

Ours too!

And we can't unsee it!

You don't even have to read the memes. The pictures are enough! What do you think about this awesome meme trend?