The GRWM (Get Ready With Me) trend has taken social media by storm, transforming everyday routines into captivating (and often comical) content. From makeup tutorials to outfit selections, creators are inviting us into their private domains, turning the mundane task of getting ready into communal viral activity by putting it on reels and social media.

But let’s be honest, sometimes these videos are less about getting ready and more about getting real (or not). Quick makeup tutorials that take almost an hour? Sure, why not? Plus, why would anyone want to change and be cringe infront of an audience, no matter how peppy the sound me seem or how tempting the beckoning may look.

Commenters love to point out, “Quick makeup tutorial? Quick for whom? Professional makeup artists?”. The forced enthusiasm is a dead giveaway. Memes like, “Why do GRWM videos make me feel like I’m failing at life before 8 AM?” highlight the absurdity of being so perky before sunrise. Like give us a break already!

Not to forget, the not-so-subtle product placements are a goldmine for humor. Commenters love to quip, “My GRWM: Brush teeth, get dressed, no sponsorships in sight.” And how can we forget the puke-inducing pep talk. The overly scripted pep talks often miss the mark. Commenters can’t help but laugh, “Me after watching a GRWM video: Still in bed, contemplating life.” Check out some of the bets GRWM funny memes and jokes:

GRWM Memes Are Here


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Twist to The Trend

The GRWM trend on social media is a captivating blend of aspiration and absurdity. While these videos offer a peek into the polished lives of influencers, they also provide ample fodder for memes and humorous commentary. So, the next time you watch a GRWM video, remember to take it with a grain of salt—and maybe a dash of sarcasm. After all, getting ready for the day is rarely as flawless as it appears on your feed.

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