Gwendoline Christie Walks Emmy 2019 Purple Carpet Making The Internet Go, ‘JESUS CHRIST!’
Gwendoline Christie dresses as Jesus (Photo Credits: Twitter/MsEmilyAnarchy/lagabivaras)

Emmys 2019 also fell victim to fashion when everyone only cared about how celebrities looked. While some were busy criticising and categorising celebrities according to their outfits, some noticed a striking similarity between Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie and Jesus Christ. The actress was wearing a white gown with a red, long and sleeveless cardigan attached to the garment. The flowy dress made her look like Jesus as she walked down the purple carpet at the Emmys. Maybe god is a woman, indeed? Emmys 2019: Maisie Williams AKA Arya Stark Accidentally Photobombs Kerry Washington on the Purple Carpet! (View Pic).

Twitter is the fastest when it comes to spotting something unusual. The users on the microblogging site probably always have their eyes glued to the screens. They catch everything instantly before anyone else gets the chance. So naturally, when Gwendoline Christie walked the Emmys purple carpet looking like Jesus, Twitter had reactions and memes ready to be published. Here are some of the funniest memes we saw on Twitter. Have a look so we can all laugh together. Emmys 2019: Game Of Thrones Bags Best Drama Series, Twitterati Call it a Deserving Win for the Cast But Not the Makers.

What Do You Think?

Oh Damn

Make Way


God is a Woman

It's Official! You Can't Deny

He Likes Her Look

Jesus 2.0

We Don't See a Difference

These tweets have won the internet. Emmys fever is officially over as Gwendoline Christie fever just took over. How iconic of her!