The COVID-19 pandemic has made us witness a lot of events, some outrageous! So much that we came up with COVID-19 vocabulary to define certain situations. Covidiot is one popular term among many that Gen Z has come up with to describe those who refuse to follow the restrictions and guidelines, risking not only their lives, but everyone around them. We have come across many videos and photos that show how such people are making it even more difficult to deal with the pandemic. Another video has recently been shared on social media, and that is a height for someone being a covidiot. An Ireland man was spotted smashing bottles of wine and whiskey in a Tesco store. Why? Because he was asked to wear a mask! The shocking footage of the man breaking all the bottles from the shelves have gone viral on social media.

The video shows the man vandalising the supermarket reportedly on West Street in Drogheda, on the east coast of the Republic of Ireland. According to media reports, the man was identified as 33-year-old, Graham McCormac from Preston Park, Julianstown, Meath County. Dressed in a black hooded jacket and grey sweatpants, he casually chucks a bottle of wine over his shoulder. It smashes the floor, which was covered by at least a dozen of other broken bottles of alcohol. He turns around and continues to smash more bottles of wine and whiskey, while staring directly at the onlookers.

McCormack is now facing criminal charges. The court heard that the defendant made no reply when the charge was put to him, after caution and a number of conditions, being attached to his bail. One of the conditions reportedly is that he should stay away from Tesco outlets nationwide and way from all the Tesco staff and management. He was also directed to get a psychiatric evaluation by the judge at the hearing.

Watch the Video:

McCormack is not the only one who went so violent after being asked to follow COVID-19 protocols. Last month, a woman was captured smashing wine bottles after being asked to follow the shop’s one-way system. Again, there are videos appearing online from across the world, where people are spotted partying, without wearing face masks or following social distancing. This is only risking the already risk situation. The number of cases is increasing rapidly, and if we do not follow the basic guidelines of the pandemic, it will only be more challenging to contain the spread.

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