Getting along well with your in-laws will be a problem that many people might be facing. It is not new to hear of not son-in-law not getting along with his mother-in-law or so the case with the daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law. But one man got so annoyed with his in-laws that he wanted to stop them from coming to his house altogether, even it meant he would have to get a scary hairy spider. A man posted on Reddit that he decided to get a tarantula so that his arachnophobic (fear of spiders) mother-in-law would stay away. Mother-in-law Attracted to Her Son-in-law Steals His Nudes From Daughter's Phone.

The man wrote on his post that his in-laws are 'insufferable.' He mentioned that they come unannounced. His mother-in-law keeps constantly nagging to him and he gets no privacy. So when he realised that his mother-in-law is arachnophobic, he decided to use it as a shield and keep her away. He thus brought a tarantula. Although he asked his wife before getting it, she did not know the purpose. In his post he mentioned, "Worked like a charm, the dad still comes but the mother can’t stand to be in the same house as it." He also mentioned that the tarantula makes a great pet.

People always turn to Reddit to ask 'if they are an a**hole' and this guy decided to share his story. But most people said it was fine since he asked his wife about it although she did not know her mom is phobic to spiders. Others said he did the right thing because the constant nagging could have got in their way of having a happy marriage. Some also said that the daughter would be aware of her mother's phobia and thus gave in. Well, that's indeed an innovative way of driving away from the in-law problems.


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