Mumbai, March 10: In a bizarre incident, a woman who allegedly married herself has considered the decision of divorce within 24 hours. Interestingly, the woman identified as Sofi Maure has taken the decision just after spending one day in her own company. Maure had become the talk of the town when she first announced the decision to marry herself last month.

Back then, Sofi Maure had also shared pictures of herself where she was seen donning a white veil and a golden tiara. According to a report in the Independent, Maure enjoys a huge following of 500,000 on Twitter and Instagram. The 25-year-old internet sensation also said that she had bought a wedding dress and even baked a cake to celebrate her big day. British Woman Marries Her Blanket, Describes Relationship With Her Duvet as The 'Most Meaningful One' (Watch Viral Video).

"Today, in the most spurious moments of my life, I bought a wedding dress and cooked a wedding cake to marry myself," Maure said. Maure's decision to marry herself had drawn mixed reactions from people on the internet with some supporting her while others said that she was doing it for attention.

"Everything for a tweet and attention." a user said while another wrote, "It could easily be me, congratulations on the beautiful marriage." Meanwhile, Maure's decision to marry herself was short-lived when a day after the wedding, on February 20, she said that divorce was imminent. Woman From Gujarat Marries Herself Ahead of Scheduled Date.

Taking to social media, Maure shared an update and said, "Update: one day I'm married to myself and I can't take it anymore, I'm seeing how the divorce issue is just in case."

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