Is the Really Really Really Meme Inspired by This Song With a Gazillion ’Really’s? (Watch Video)
Really Really Meme (Photo Credits: Screengrab/ Google India/ Twitter/ Wikimedia Commons)

If you have noticed the word “really” being used repetitively in a bunch of tweets, so much that you have to scroll down to see the final line, congratulations, as you have just discovered the latest meme on social media. In the last few months, really really meme has become exceedingly popular on Twitter. Everyone from Google to Mumbai Police has jumped into the really really really bandwagon. In a recent tweet, Google India posed a simple question to the Indians: “Why you keep asking the Google Assistant to marry you?” And netizens cannot just keep calm!

Here's Google India's Tweet

The really really meme has been used by top corporate Twitter accounts in the United States including sports clubs. The basics of this one are simple—start with a pronoun, “I” or “We”, copy and paste “really” a bunch of times and press “enter” once after every “really” and write something you want to ask the internet. There you have it, the latest viral meme on Twitter. You can make it look artsy if you want and end it on a statement which could be silly to keep up the humour. Twitter User's Concern Over Google Maps Feature Goes Viral, Google India Replies With a Cheeky Shayari. 

But what inspired the creator or this meme trend? Any guesses? Hunting for an answer, we just came across this popular song "I Really Like You", by Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen for her third studio album, Emotion released in 2015. We presume that it is Jepsen’s song, which might have inspired the meme-hungry internet. The Giant ‘Rice Wave’ Funny Memes Goes Viral on Twitter and Instagram. 

Here's The I Really Like You Song

The really really meme has taken over the internet and led to some hilarious tweets. However, there is no proof that the meme maker was inspired by the song. But the lyrics make us speculate so! What do you think?