Many of us have uncanny sensations about glancing at a mysterious shadow of a person in our backyard or shaped out of the corner, only for them to fade when we turn to look back. You may not be a person who believes in paranormal activities, but think of all those times you felt a little weird or smelled an eerie fragrance in your room. No, you were not hallucinating! Maybe, like most folks, you didn't even consider that there could be a presence of an otherworldly being in your residence. There are numerous online records and movies based on ghost hunting. In fact, we have a special event dedicated to the profession of ghost hunting, which makes people aware of paranormal investigators and their work. Observed on the last Saturday of September, National Ghost Hunting Day 2022 falls on September 24. Real Ghosts Caught on Camera! Viral Videos of Spookiest Paranormal Activities That Left Internet Divided but Not Before Scaring First.

Before the shivers get down your spine, read about the five creepy signs that could indicate an abnormal presence in your house.

1. Sudden Drop in Temperature 

The presence of a ghostly soul may result in a drop in mercury level as these entities require energy from the environment, which they absorb in the form of heat.

2. Strange Smell 

Sniffing out the smell coming from the other dimensions is not easy. But if you smell a funky odour in your room, like the aroma of sulfur, then it's time you check on a paranormal activist.

3. Observe What Your Pet Wants To Warn You

Due to evolved sixth sense, animals can pick up on sounds, scents, and sights that aren't noticeable to humans. So if your cat or dog gravitates toward a specific area continuously, pay attention!

4. Abnormal Technological Glitches

Flickering of bulbs without the warning of a thunderstorm and television switching off and on without any human assistance are some clues that reveal a supernatural existence.

5. Unidentifiable Sounds

Often poltergeists or noisy ghosts will change the physical existence of your things bizarrely. So if you see photographs suddenly askew or a thump in a door at an odd time, then be careful.

Some spirits are heard and seen only by the experts, and some souls in your dimly-lit attic might want to give you a message. People have shared their encounters with an unknown apparition, or sometimes their CCTV footage has told them about the cohabitating soul. Did you ever stop and wonder just what kind of metaphysical shade you experienced?

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