Just stop your hustle and bustle for a bit, and check the calendar date right now! It is 11.11 today. But why are people online creating such hype about 11 November? Here's the reason. Every year on 11 November, people get a golden excuse to experience the master number in all its mighty glory. Sources say that in Numerology, the mathematical number 11, which may seem just like other two-digit numerals, is a master number and represents intuition, motivation, coincidence and spiritual growth and enlightenment. People often make wishes when they see 11:11 pop on their mobile screen, anticipating it to come true in the future. Therefore, today you might get an opportunity you always wanted, or you may also head towards the right direction on the road to your goal. It's November 11 Today! Netizens Make 11:11 Wishes By Sharing Positive Quotes, Pictures and Thoughts on the Numerological Belief; View Tweets.

Significance Of 11:11

Interestingly, some sites say that the date 11 November 2011, which is 11/11/11 saw an increase in the rate of marriages taking place around the sphere. Thence, if seen technically, 11 November, which reads as 11/11, is a day-long angel number when your views, wants, and thoughts operate as mini wishes and manifestations. For a long time, people have associated the number 11:11 with chance and concurrency. The pattern is deemed an auspicious sign that signals an optimistic transformation or development. But just blabbering a list of desires on this special day will not get you the goose that laid golden eggs; you have got to work for it.  Make a Wish at 11:11 Time: Know the Numerology Meaning and What Does This Powerful Sign Hold for You if You’re Seeing 11/11.

Some believe that the prime number 11 is a "Master Number" in Numerology and has the power of two 1s. For this reason, before you start wishing about all the great fortes in your life, start with gratitude. Say a big Thank You to the Universe and the people around you that made you the person you are today. So, manifesting pros, this November, tune in to your most important dream and make a wish at 11:11.

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