Beauty mogul, YouTuber James Charles has been constantly receiving backlash for doing collabs during the pandemic to which he finally responded on January 4. Not just collabs he has also been called out for partying amid the pandemic with celebs like Charlie D'melio and others. But now finally he decided to put all the speculations to rest. James Charles and Tana Mongeau had even apologized earlier for attending a birthday party at the Hype House amid the Coronavirus pandemic. From Tana Mojeou to James Charles, everyone was called out on social media after some of them actually shared snippets on their social media. James Charles, Tana Mongeau, Nikita Dragun, Charli, Dixie D'Amelio, Emma Chamberlain, amongst others were seen partying with over 60 other people without wearing masks.

Fans had even earlier mentioned how YouTube sensation, James Charles broke the social distancing rules while filming a collab with RuPaul's Drag Race star Trixie Mattel. Mattel who has also been a guest judge on his new competition series Instant Influencer filmed a collab with makeup guru James Charles acing perfect makeup looks that can make anyone green in envy. The collab video was quite loved by the fans and while they enjoyed the makeup looks and tea served, some of them couldn't help but point out something Trixie said in the video that may have hinted that he flouted the lockdown. James Charles Jokes About 'Only Going for Straight Guys' in Middle of Logan Paul Sex Tape Drama. 

on January 4, YouTuber Jenn McAllister slammed influencers who insisted on collaborating with those outside their household through a tweet. "if you're an influencer in LA and you're still collabing with people outside of your household, i genuinely hope you're filled with so much guilt that you can't even move. someone in this city dies every 10 minutes from covid. if you can't make content by yourself.. you're boring"

​James saw the tweet and replied with a screenshot of a YouTube video titled "I Played Among Us In Real Life!" by Joey Graceffa where several YouTubers, including Jenn, are inside a house back in November 2020 with no masks or social distancing in place with text: "this u…?" However, he went on to say: "Just to clarify, I’m certainly not innocent either as I took part in the same exact video on my own channel. I’m just sick of seeing influencers acting holier than others when they’re guilty too."

These fans added that collaborations are unnecessary during these times and that James could've filmed videos by himself. They also pointed out that if James insisted on doing collaborations, then it could have been done in a safer way, similar to fellow Beauty YouTuber NikkieTutorials "Nikkie de Jager" who have been collaborating over video calls. Fast forward, and on January 4, YouTuber Jenn McAllister slammed influencers who insisted on collaborating with those outside their household through a tweet.

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