After a long three-day wait for the US Presidential Election results, it was clear last night that Democratic candidate Joe Biden beat his opponent Republic Donald Trump. Supporters of Biden who were looking forward to his victory cheered with joy and the result was celebrated with funny memes and jokes. Over the last few days, Trump's reactions to the results have been target of several memes online. Several people were expressing how they waited for the final results with their respite through funny jokes on US elections online. Now that finally Donald Trump will bid a goodbye to the White House, people cannot stop making memes and jokes again. Since last night, Twitter has been flooded with funny memes on Trump and in a way cheering Joe Biden as the new President of USA.

Soon after Joe Biden's victory was announced, world leaders reacted to the win and welcomed Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris to their new coveted positions. In his victory speech, Biden promised to Unite America. While the supporters of Biden and Harris cheered them on social media, some other did so by cracking funniest puns and memes on them. So Donald Trump memes are all over Twitter and people are also expressing their joy at these memes.

Check Funny Memes on Donald Trump After US Elections 2020 Results:


Trump Today

Caricatures Coming In

People on The Internet Today

A Long Wait!


A Place for Trump

Fitting Them Into Memes


Incomplete Without This

Meanwhile, Trump supporters were seen protesting against the final results. And these memes and jokes would definitely not make them happy. But if you are happy with the US Presidential Election results then these will definitely get you to laugh out loud!

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