John Cena has a reputation for being one of the best WWE superstars, with numerous awards to his name. While he and his achievements have made it to the headlines for long, this time, it is something else he is in the news for. A viral clip of the former WWE star from a few years ago has found its way online, and people are vibing with it via several memes.

People are sharing the video online as a reaction to celebrating their wins in life. But now, if you are wondering where the meme or the video came from, you are at the right place. John Cena Returns! Former Champion Makes Comeback to WWE Raw.

Origin of John Cena Dancing With Headphones Meme

The video clip is a small part of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, which John Cena was a part of. In the show, the WWE star participated in the Whisper Challenge. Wearing headphones with loud music, he was supposed to guess from lip reading. Unfazed by the task, Cena started to smile and vibing to the music. His moves even amused the crowd, with everyone giggling.

Now the clip has come up online, and people are loving it. @fallontonight on TikTok even posted the clip later. A year later, it went viral on the internet as CapCut user Ethan Genders created a template called "John Cena Dancing" that used a greenscreen behind Cena on The Tonight Show. Best Roles of John Cena That Made Him a Hollywood Star!

Watch the Video Here: 

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A lot of people have made similar versions of it to express their little joys in everyday life. Just like any meme trend, it has also caught on and now being viral. John Cena is now becoming a global meme, and it looks like this one is also here to stay. If you haven’t made your version yet, you should too or probably just vibe with it.

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