Poor Kaju Katli has been trapped this time in the world of horrible food combinations and even worse it is happening around Diwali. Social media is filled with Kaju Katli chicken soup pics, making us scream "my eyes, my eyes" Pheobe style.  The disgusting pictures of this horrendous food combo are churning our funny memes and jokes while others want to just log out of Twitter. This awful sight single-handedly ruined both sweets and Diwali for us. In the picture, you can see a piece of everyone's favourite desi sweet, Kaju Katli dipped in what looks like Chinese chicken soup.

However, this is not the first time such heinous crime has been committed. We braved through Makki ki roti with Maggi & Kurkure milkshake in the past and with tears in our eyes we had to also witness Oranges in Maggi Noodles! And as if that wasn't it, we were punished with  Chocolate Fudge Samosa Served in Pav With Chocolate Sauce for no apparent fault of our own and we also survived after watching a woman make Maggi with milk instead of water.

And while we were wondering that in the department of the unofficial sweet of the nation aka  Kaju Katli we will see no further criminal activity after Kaju Katli With Ketchup, here we are with KAJU KATLI CHICKEN SOUP! These people even messed with  Gulab Jamun after serving it with pav. But that was still okay. Kaju barfi with chicken soup has us heart-broken.

Check out some of the memes and sarcastic tweets about Kaju Katli chicken soup:

We Concur


Or Just Kill Us

Someone, STAP!

Ghor Kalyug

It gives us similar pain that the combination of Pani Puri with Maggi noodles gave us, ONLY WORSE! With Gujrati new year and Georgian calendar new year coming up we only wish that we don't get to witness any more such horrible food combinations. May the food Gods protect our eyes and soul.

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