Seoul, December 25: With an astounding 55.6 million followers, 27-year-old Seo Won Jeong, also known as "WonJeong Man" or @ox_zung, reached unheard levels of popularity as Korea's most followed non-celebrity TikTok content producer. Gaining notoriety for his viral recreating videos with his signature shout, 'Mama!' Seo, who goes by the nickname 'Mama Guy', garnered popularity across the world and was included in Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2023.

But his once-bright professional path took a sharp turn when he suddenly stopped sharing content, confusing his horde of admirers. When Seo appeared in South Korean headlines as "Influencer A," who is currently being investigated for allegations of sexual assault, the mystery surrounding his absence was finally shattered. Instagram Influencer Adarsh Shukla Arrested Over Stunt on Railway Tracks, Apologises (Watch Video).

SBS said that "Influencer A and one other man was arrested for sexually assaulting a woman" . The incident is said to have happened during a get-together where they had beverages with 'Woman B'. They reportedly attacked her while she was unconscious after taking her to the other man's house. When "woman B" woke up from her sleep, she "heard recording noises" and realised she had been sexually attacked by both males, after which she reported the crime to the police.

"It has been confirmed that 'Influencer A' refused to open the door when the police showed up to investigate the scene," the reports said, dramatically changing the course of the inquiry. It took the involvement of the fire crew to pry the door open. Although the original news story made it difficult to identify Seo, his supporters were able to do so thanks to a grainy background video. Hyderabad: Influencer Arrested For Rape on Marriage Lure, Dowry Harassment.

Since then, the prosecution has received the case from Seoul Gangnam Police Station, and as of December 15, Seo may spend up to seven years in jail if he is found guilty of sexually abusing an unconscious person. The prosecution dismissed charges of unauthorised filming because Seo's phone contained insufficient evidence. In order to set the stage for the truth to be revealed during the first court hearing, which is set for January 17, 2024, Seo argues that sexual relations were voluntary. As the legal process progresses, the future of the once-famous TikTok influencer remains uncertain.  Meanwhile, Seo's management, SOONENT, has not issued any statement on the matter yet.

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