Remember the paragliding guy who was so scared and just wanted to land down? A video of him terrified and asking his guide to 'Land Kara De Bhai' became a popular meme format last year. But that's a thing of the past, since he has garnered all the courage and overcome his fear. Vipin Sahu who made the internet laugh with his fear on a paragliding ride overcame his fear at the end of 2020. A video of him successfully completing the ride has been shared online and clearly he is beaming with confidence. He's not just enjoying the ride but also enjoys Cutting Chai in the air!

Back in August 2019, Vipin Sahu's video of paragliding in Manali had found its way on the internet and it became a target of so many memes online. He was petrified and just wanted to land. In the video, he even cursed himself for trying out the extreme sport. An although he was enjoying the fame that made so many people laugh back then, Sahu had stated that he would overcome that fear of heights and try skydiving. He has tried paragliding once again and this time with no doubt or fear on his face. He did it at Bir Biling in Himachal Pradesh and has proudly shared it online. Warning, there's expletives in the clip, viewer discretion advised. 

Watch The Video of Paragliding Guy Successfully Doing It:

He even appreciated the team that helped him in a smooth ride. He even tells the viewers that it is a wonderful feeling and is seen totally enjoying it. Even when he sees down for the first time, he expresses how he was scared initially but now has faced his fear. Paragliding and Chill! Turkish Paraglider Hasan Kaval Soars in Sky on Couch and Watches Tom & Jerry on TV! Crazy Video Goes Viral.

In case you are missing the previous video, watch it here:

Yes, it is the same guy and he has clearly overcome his fear now. Let us appreciate his courage and confidence. If you too were feeling scared about the sport, you too can face your fears.

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