London, December 31: The mystery around the popular Loch Ness Monster has baffled many for years. Many enthusiasts have embarked on missions to spot and possibly capture the Nessie. However, the "shy" creature has managed to stay hidden and away from the people all this time. But, the UK’s waters may be home to more than just Nessie, the famous Loch Ness Monster.

As per the report published by the Daily Star, Andy McGrath, an expert on mysterious creatures, believes there are more than a handful of undiscovered living beasts. McGrath has said there are many other “living fossils” that have escaped detection for millions of years. He told the Daily Star that he believes Nessie and its kin are related to the plesiosaurs, ancient aquatic reptiles that went extinct with the dinosaurs. Loch Ness Monster Spotted? Drone 'Captures' Scotland's Mythical Creature Swimming in Lake, Old Video Goes Viral.

The report said McGrath has evidence to support his claim. He has collected reports and photos of strange sightings in various lakes and bays across the UK. For example, in Cumbria, Ellie Williams captured an image of a humped creature with a long neck, similar to a plesiosaur. In Cornwall, two fishermen encountered a beast with a flexible neck and several humps, nicknamed Morgawr, in 1876. The same creature was seen again in 2000 by Irene and Derek Brown, who described it as a “water-based dinosaur” from a 1960s movie. Loch Ness Monster: Biggest Search in 50 Years Begins.

McGrath said he has visited Loch Ness and other locations to study these elusive animals. He said he is convinced that they are real and that they belong to a group of “living fossils” that have survived the mass extinctions. He said he hopes to find more evidence and discover new species of these ancient sea monsters.

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