Everyone wants to see the Loch Ness Monster, a creature from Scotland's lake that has kept people around the world hooked on. While some believe it is a mythical creature, others have time and again shared footages to feed into their counter beliefs. A week ago, a picture of a huge sea creature surfaced online and everyone speculated it was Nessie. The picture went viral and is still creating buzz, while a video of another sighting on the webcam has made its way online. American Kalynn Wangle was watching the Nessie webcam installed at the location and could not believe that she actually saw a creature moving about. Her sighting has been even confirmed by the Offical Loch Ness Monster Register.

Kalynn Wangle was watching the  Urquhart Bay via webcam on June 3 when she spotted a creature moving about, even changing directions. She says her sighting lasted for almost 10 minutes. A shortened minute-long clip of her sighting has been shared on YouTube. This comes in, at a time when some people are already speculating Nessie's appearance on what is called the "most clear picture" of Loch Ness Monster. Wangle's video is the "fifth official sighting" of this sea creature.

Here's The Video of Sighting From June:

The sea animal is seen submerging and reappearing from the water. And the footage is taken from quite a distance, so the creature would have to be really big to be seen. In case, you have missed out on watching the recent viral photo, check it here:

This also happens to be the second time Wangle has caught the sea creature on camera. Back in April 2020 to she got a sighting for seven minutes. She was quoted to Edinburgh Live, "Every time I see something unusual on the Nessie cam, I get really excited. It feels unreal everytime. I always watch the whole encounter before I go back and record it just to make sure I’m seeing what I think I’m seeing." She mentions that she hopes to visit Scotland and see Nessie in person again. Meanwhile, the mystery around Nessie's existence continues. Back in 2019, a team of scientists from New Zealand said it could be a humongous eel. What do you think? Do you believe in Loch Ness?

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