Have you ever seen snake playing with a group of rats? Well, for what humanity knows about them, they have been enemies, for the longest of times. Serpents are known for devouring mouse at first sight, but we found something unique that we haven't seen anywhere before. Video of white mice and a King Cobra playing, while sitting atop a Ganesha idol. It shows the snake which has wrapped itself around the idol looking over the rats that are scurrying around. The video has now gone viral on the internet with people exclaiming at the 'miracle'. Seems the video was taken during Ganesh Chaturthi 2020 that began on August 22. The Ganesha idol can be seen decorated with varying types of flowers while a lighted lamp, garlands and other decorative items in the background. Tom And Jerry Finally End Their Differences? Video of a Cat And Rat Having a Friendly Moment Goes Viral Surprising Netizens!

People have taken to social media sharing the video exclaiming at their disbelief on seeing rats and snake sharing a friendly relation. At one point in the video, the rat and snake can be seen licking each other! As the video went viral, people took to social media platforms saying that as per Hindu mythology, the mouse is the vehicle of Lord Ganesha and this was a representation of it. Virgin Mary Statue ‘Cries Tears of Blood’ in Italian Town of Carmiano, Crowds Gather to Catch a Glimpse of the ‘Miracle’ (See Pictures)

Lord Ganesh With Live Snakes And Rats!

Also, Lord Ganesha is often seen with a snake wrapped around his big belly. According to mythology, it is serpent Vasuki is wrapped around his neck. Some depictions of snakes could also mean a sacred thread. However, the video has now gone viral with people being extremely surprised. While snakes and rats are often found along with Ganesha's idols, these real versions of the reptiles have left people shocked.

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