Kashyap Swaroop, a stand-up comedian from Mumbai, Maharashtra, recently made headlines over his tweet on X, formerly Twitter. Swaroop sought help on social media after his landlord broke his word and did not return the security deposit. Screenshots of the communication between Swaroop and the landlord were shared by the latter on X. "My landlord asked me to vacate my home before termination of the lock-in period. He has yet to refund 60% of my security deposit despite my vacating the house in excellent condition. Are there any lawyers who can help recover the rest? He is avoiding my calls and messages", he wrote in the now-viral post.

In the WhatsApp conversation, Swaroop reminded the landlord about the reimbursement and threatened to take legal action if needed. The landlord answered, "Please complete the necessary tasks. Regards." Along with the screenshot of the chat, Mr Swaroop wrote, "Landlords are on a massive ego trip. Any help is appreciated." Devraj Patel's Last Video on Instagram Goes Viral! Indian YouTuber Known for 'Dil Se Bura Lagta Hai' Meme, Dies in Road Accident – Everything To Know About Chhattisgarh Comedian.

Soon after Swaroop's message went popular on social media, receiving over 7 lakh views and a variety of advise-filled comments. "Never turn in keys without a complete refund," one user commented. However, the landlord refunded the money when Swaroop approached Mumbai Police for assistance online. ‘IPS Ka Beta Bana Rickshawala’ Sarcastic Picture Post of Comedian Goes Viral.

Swaroop posted an update expressing his gratitude, saying, "Thanks to everyone who helped, shared their experiences, and gave me some solace here. Of course, this story has a much longer backstory (lack of awareness around EVs, unethical CCTV monitoring, intimidation), but I got some closure." Went to the cops. They called up the douche in question. Asked him to come to the police station to explain his side of the story. He immediately insisted he'd transferred the deposit. My bank statement showed he didn't. An hour later, I had it, he added.

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