Makeup Tutorials: Bizarre TikTok Video of a POTATO Getting a Makeover Goes Viral on the Internet
Potato makeover. (Photo Credit: TikTok/elona_balasyan)

Things that go viral these days are really unpredictable. However, in the beauty world, a lot of talented people have gone viral for their impeccable makeup abilities and skills, but the beginning of 2019 has seen its first viral beauty video, except it is makeup done on a potato. Yes! You read it right, a girl applied makeup to a potato and HOW! You will really not be able to make out the difference if it is real skin underneath or just a potato. The video was uploaded on TikTok by a user who goes by the handle name elona_balasyan. She posted a short video where she applies a full face makeup to a potato, and it has gone viral. Teeth Makeup or Tooth Polish is the Latest Viral Beauty Trend on Instagram That Will Make You Go – WHAT?

In the 15 second video, she can be seen using all kinds of makeup products on the potato right from the foundation, eyeliner, lipstick to eyebrow pencil, etc. The video is something you must have never seen before. The potato is also seen sporting something like a wig which to me looks like a just a part of wig or probably girl's real hair.

Take a look at the video of a potato being given a makeover.

The TikTok user can be seen doing a full face makeup by starting with the basic foundation. She takes a few drops of the foundation, and with a makeup sponge, she blends the whole foundation to smoothen the skin. After that, she gives the potato some definition by drawing eyebrows and creating an eye-like structure using an eyeshadow. She then draws the nose on the potato that gives some definition of a face on the potato.