Mumbai, December 25: Experts have called for a new search on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that went missing nine years ago following new leads on the flight. Two aerospace experts, Jean-Luc Marchand and Patrick Blelly, have suggested a 10-day search to find out what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which vanished in 2014.

As per the report published by the South China Morning Post, they presented their findings to the Royal Aeronautical Society, claiming that a deliberate hijacking and a controlled landing in a deep ocean could be the reason for the disappearance. They urged for a new search, pointing to an area that they think is a likely path for the lost plane. MH370 Disappearance: Where Is Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370? Know All About One of the Greatest Unsolved Aviation Mysteries of Our Time.

They believe that the plane’s transponder was intentionally switched off, and the sudden turn was not caused by the autopilot. They appealed to the Australian Transport Safety Authority, the Malaysian government, and Ocean Infinity, an exploration company, to start the new search. Ocean Infinity, which said it would resume its search without charging unless it finds something, could use its unmanned underwater search technology for this task. They based their proposed search area on the idea that the plane was hijacked on purpose and crashed in a remote place to avoid detection and debris.

In another report, Richard Godfrey, Dr Hannes Coetzee, and Professor Simon Maskell, researchers, proposed a new search area near the Australian coast using a new radio technology. They said their findings, using weak signal propagation reporter (WSPR) data, suggested a location about 1560km west of Perth. They said this technology, which took three years to develop, gave reliable new evidence, matching Boeing’s and drift analyses by the University of Western Australia. Malaysia Airlines Flight Lands Back in Sydney Three Hours After Take-Off Due to 'Disruptive Passenger'.

The disappearance of MH370 is still one of the biggest mysteries in aviation, with many theories, from terrorist hijacking to remote island landings. There are many guesses about the pilot’s role, family ties, and intentional crashing, but none solve the mystery. The new searches give a new chance to discover the truth about Flight MH370, which disappeared, changed its course, and ran out of fuel in the huge Indian Ocean.

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