The pandemic of Coronavirus has forced a lockdown situation in many countries. To control the spread of the COVID 19 flu, people have been asked to stay indoors completely, except those in essential services. While elders are easy to explain to, it is the kids who can be troublesome and may cry to get out. But to ensure that kids and children abide by the lockdown protocol, a man in Malaysia came up with a rather scary idea! A man from Trengganu in Malaysia dressed up as a ghost and stood outside his neighbourhood, so as the kids who would come out breaking the lockdown, would be forced to return home! Pictures of him dressed up as a ghost have been shared online and needless to say, they are going viral. Malaysian Couple Has Creative 'COVID-19 Friendly' Wedding Ceremony With Drive-Thru For Guests and Packaged Food (View Pics).

Muhammad Urabil Alias was seeing a lot of young children defying the protocols of lockdown which has been imposed in the country. Although the police authorities have been patrolling the area he lives in, there are some stubborn ones who did not budge to the orders. That's when he decided to step in, even if it meant as a ghost. He wore fully white clothes and stood up on top of a van in an attempt to scare youngsters. He later uploaded the pictures online and his trick has worked! These pictures have also gone viral on Facebook. This reminds us of a video that went viral in the last few days, which claimed a person dressed as a ghost was scaring away bikers who were breaking the Coronavirus lockdown. Although the claim was fake, it was an old video going viral.

Check Pics of Malaysian Man Dressed as Ghost to Scare Youngsters:

Talking about his trick he was quoted to a local daily, "After I uploaded the photos on FB, they panicked and were scared to come out." His wife clicked those pictures for him and he even got messages from several users about the authenticity of the 'ghost.' He also said, "From my status itself you can see I was not serious but they still think the photos are real. My wife and I apologise if we have gone overboard." Well, as long as his technique worked, we hope even the authorities won't mind.

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