Man Breaks Bad News to People for a Living on Behalf of Clients Who Don’t Want to Have That Awkward Conversation (Watch Video)
Man makes money by giving bad news (Photo Credits: YouTube grab)

Do you feel there is a dearth of good jobs around you? Are you looking for some kind of employment but haven't come across any opportunity yet? In such a case most people try starting up something on their own. And well, there's a man who is making his income by ruining people's days! A man named Jonathan Chalk decided to start his own business of giving people bad news. Yes, Chalk who earlier worked as a construction worker and a former comedian now goes around delivering bad news to people! While he doesn't charge an amount, he expects donations from people for his work. Do You Know Playing LEGO is a Job? From Sleeping to Eating Chocolates Here Are 10 Coolest Jobs in The World.

He has a Facebook page and a YouTube channel called Jon Breaks Bad News where he reads out all the bad news, some of which are hilarious! His way of working has earned quite a name too. The Facebook page has 56,000 plus likes, that too within a week. The description reads, "Are you bad at giving people bad news? Let me do it for you!" He regularly posts videos of him delivering bad news to some people. His clients give him a call and tell him the piece of information that he has to pass on to the respective person. In his video, he calls the person and gives the bad news. Some of the calls are just pranks, but then he does make some money from it.

Watch Video of Jon Breaks Bad News:

While some people may be cursing getting a call from him, Jon has got some funny experiences too. He told in a report, "Some of the most epic calls were a guy who asked me to call his ex-wife and tell her he would no longer pay for childcare. When I got in touch with her, she then asked me to call him back to tell him that the child was not his anyway." He mentioned that he has always been blunt in his conversations to his friends and when his friends gave him this idea, he decided to give it a try. Well, who would have thought delivering bad news could be a source of earning, but here's Jon who is proudly passing on all the bad news to the people who you directly cannot.