Zomato's humour did not go down well with an enraged customer who complained about finding a cockroach in his food. Siddhartha Choudhury took to Twitter with pictures of the dead insect in his dinner that he had ordered through Zomato. But, instead of apologising, Zomato decided to be a little funny. However, the customer was in no mood to go with the flow, clearly not after releasing what he had eaten.

Siddhartha Choudhury tweeted saying, "Dear @ZomatoIN, so this happened, ordered in dinner last night from this restaurant called Hong Kong Express from Malviya Nagar, Delhi and in the middle of the meal I find a dead cockroach in my meal. Not really sure how to express my anger and disgust in words." Trying to lighten the moment, Zomato replied saying, "Hi Siddhartha, Damm! Insects these days they can find their way up past the toughest security. we'll get this checked and reach out." Zomato Gold Policy Changed, Disappointed Users Says They Have Been 'Cheated'

Here is Zomato customer care executive's response to customer complaint:

Here is the customer's reply:

The incident comes after 10 online food ordering platforms including Swiggy, Zomato and Foodpanda delisted over 5,000 restaurants in October for not having approval from food safety regulator FSSAI. In July, FSSAI had asked these companies to stop using edibles supplied by non-licensed operators following an increase in consumer complaints of sub-standard food being served through these platforms.

In a similar incident, a Delhi woman had complained about receiving a roasted fly 'an extra topping' on her Biriyani. She complained to the customer service saying, "Got the biriyani delivered with an extra topping of a dead roasted house fly. I am getting tired of the quality and service." But a Zomato executive replied to her saying, "I have updated the same to the restaurant, they will add an extra topping of dead roasted house fly in your biryani." Quickly spotting their goof up, Zomato apologised and the woman took it sportingly and shared screenshots on Twitter.

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