How many times have you misplaced something and actually received it back? Well, this one lucky man in Kolkata happened to find a kind Uber driver who drove all the way back at midnight to return his bag having cash and MacBook that he had accidentally left in the cab. He said in his post that he was returning home from the Kolkata airport when he accidentally left the bag with quite expensive belonging in the cab itself. However, the cab driver did the right thing and came all the way back to just return his belongings to the man. Kamaraj vs Hitesha Sparks Another Social Media Trial As Netizens Demonise Zomato And Women. 

In a bid to post a happy story amongst so many dark stories about cab rides that get reported, this man at least managed to make some of the netizens happy! He wrote in a tweet with a pic of himself: "Only dark @Uber stories get reported, so posting this. I realised I had left my bag in the cab after reaching home from Kolkata airport. It had my MacBook, some cash, keys, books.

Called up this young driver, Sarwan Kumar. He came all the way, past midnight, to return it intact."

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While this man made a post thanking the driver and also sharing the 'uber' story with others, not every time the Uber drivers are treated in the same ways. Just recently, amid the rising coronavirus cases, a video of three mask-less women who got into an Uber ride and started coughing at the driver for being denied a ride because they weren't covering their faces had gone viral on social media. Netizens infuriated at the reckless behaviour of the women called them out. It is important that we treat the cab drivers right at least, during this time of uncertainty.

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