A sports reporter from Fox Sports had to go through a terrible experience while she was doing a piece on camera with some fans outside the Guadalajara stadium on Thursday, May 3. Maria Fernanda Mora was interviewing a few supporters during the CONCACAF Champions League Final between Guadalajara and Toronto FC. She was doing a live piece when one of the fans allegedly groped her. Maria visibly upset decided to defend herself and hit the guy back with her microphone.

Maria was discussing Chivas Guadalajara’s win over Toronto FC. There were excited fans behind her and Maria stood in the middle of them. In the video, we see everything normal until she swings back and starts hitting a fan with her microphone and the other guys stand and witness what's happening in shock. The video then cuts, and she walks off. Maria has defended her reaction. She said: "What happened to me at dawn on Thursday, happens to thousands of women every day in public spaces. The difference is that it happened to me during a live link on television and I decided to defend myself. My reaction is what turned the fact into something viral."

Watch the video which shows Maria defending herself during the live reporting:

Maria even clarified what exactly happened. At first, she thought it would be accidental rubbing because there were a lot of fans surrounding her. She tried to ignore and continued with her job, but the guy did not stop and groped her twice, which is when she decided to react and hit back. Soon after the video went viral, many presenters came out in support of Maria. The hashtag #UnaSomosTodas - meaning One Like Us All was used to show support to her. The incident caught on video is quite shocking, and we are glad Maria chose to react.

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