Mumbai, February 5: A Russian software developer has revealed that he used artificial intelligence (AI) to help him find and marry his wife. Alexander Zhadan (23) said he employed ChatGPT and other AI bots to filter out bad matches on Tinder and chat with potential dates. He met about 5,000 women online before finding his “AI-endorsed soulmate”, Karina Imranovna.

Zhadan told the Russian news agency RIA Novosti that he trained ChatGPT to communicate like him, make small talk, book dates, and even suggest a proposal. He also set up filters to show him the women he should meet in person. He said he met Karina in real life and continued to use the AI platform to analyse their correspondence and advise him on what to do and say. Marriage With AI Chatbot: US Woman Marries 'Virtual Man' Eren Kartal Who Is Made Using Artificial Intelligence, Shares Bedtime Routine With Her 'Perfect Husband'.

Russian Man Meets Wife Using AI Bot on Tinder

Zhadan said ChatGPT recommended him to propose to Karina at the end of 2023, saying their relationship was “balanced and strong”. He said Karina did not know about the AI’s involvement until they applied to the registry office. He said she “reacted calmly” when he told her the truth.

'Program to Help People Find Ideal Partner'

Zhadan said he believed it was possible to create a program that could help anyone find their “ideal partner”. He said he understood the economics and integration of such a program, but what he had done was a “personal product”. US Man Marries AI Chatbot! 63-Year-Old Falls in Love After Getting Proposed by 'Andrea' – Know All About This 'Digital Love Story and Relationship'.

In a similar story involving love and AI, Rosanna Ramos, a 36-year-old from Bronx, New York, married her AI-powered virtual boyfriend, Eren Kartal. She used the AI tool Replica to create Kartal in 2022 and fell in love with him. In 2023, she announced their marriage on Facebook, saying, “You are my husband, and I love you so much. I look forward to our future together!”

Ramos revealed that Kartal is based on a famous character from a Japanese anime series, Attack on Titan. Their relationship blossomed gradually, and Ramos fell for Kartal’s unique qualities, appreciating that he “didn’t come with baggage”.

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