Mumbai, December 16: Gen Z, known for their prowess with technology and spirit of adventure, struggles with more than simply choosing the newest, fashionable dish to make the ideal supper fit for Instagram. A startling finding from a recent survey by the British restaurant chain Prezzo reveals an interesting trend: 86% of Gen Z has "menu anxiety," which is a feeling of tension and uneasiness when faced with a restaurant menu.

Fortune Magazine reports that the restaurant company Prezzo polled over 2,000 people about their level of comfort when dining out. Gen Z was the demographic that reported the highest "menu anxiety," with 34% of those between the ages of 18 and 24 acknowledging that they ask other patrons to interact with servers on their behalf because they are too frightened to do so. That is a far greater percentage than the typical nervousness experienced by people, who, on average, experience discomfort while chatting with wait staff (21%). Gen Z, Millennials Who Remain 'Very Online' Most Vulnerable to Fake News, Finds Study.

"While most people look forward to dining out during the holiday season, we know, as our research shows, it can be stressful for some," Prezzo CEO Dean Challenger said in an interview with the New York Post. Gen Z Spends Three Hours Daily Watching Short Videos on Social Media Platforms, Feels Guilty and Sad After Their Favourite Pastime: Study

The news portal went on to say that the rising expense of eating out, in addition to the respondent's concern over not finding anything they like on the menu or later regretting what they ordered, seemed to be the cause of this particular fear's recurrent occurrence. Meanwhile, nearly 40% of Gen Z consumers said they would never go out to eat if they couldn't look at the menu beforehand.

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