Former beauty queen Ivana Knoll is a happy fan after Croatia national football team knocked out big favourites Brazil at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The 30-year-old ex-Miss Croatia, who is dubbed as the 'World Cup's Sexiest Fan', took to her Instagram handle to express her happiness and excitement. Of course, many of her followers found it highly disrespectful, including Croatian fans. So, what did Ivana Knoll do to offend everyone again? She mocked Selecao Canarinho by performing Richarlison's 'pigeon dance' after Brazil's heartbreaking loss in the Qatar World Cup quarter-finals. Miss Croatia Ivana Knoll Hot Pics and Videos in Bikini: Know About the World Cup’s ‘Sexiest Fan’ Who Went Viral for Showing Up in Sexy Outfits to Qatar Stadiums!

Brazil lost 2-4 to Croatia in penalties, a result that broke millions of hearts on Friday. But that's exactly what World Cups are like. Favourites bite the dust, and there are giant killers, shocking upsets and wins. Croatia was a better team on the day, and they pulled off a surprise win. Their fans and supporters could not contain their excitement and expressed it in their way, even if it meant crossing the line and being 'disrespectful' to the opposing team. Like Ivana Knoll's celebration is widely called out to be offensive. After Croatia's victory, she posted a video doing the 'pigeon dance' performed by Brazilian football player Richarlison as a part of his goal celebration in the ongoing World Cup. Ivana writes, "🇧🇷 do your pigeon dance on your way back home!!!! 🇭🇷" followed by a string of emojis.

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Well, not everyone was amused by Ivana's latest antics. Many users slammed the Instagram model over her boorish behaviour. One person comments, "To all fans of football from Brasil and world , im from Croatia and im sorry. I dont support what she is doing. Most of croatians are against this behaviour. Wish you all the best❤️ it was a great game. [sic]" Another fan writes, "what a stupid unrespectful gesture. you dont show any of the respect that the croatian team has for the sport so you shouldnt even be wearing these colours.. you bring bad reputation to a respecting croatian squad. [sic]"

She has been stoking controversy ever since she stepped on Qatar soil. A self-proclaimed die-hard Croatian fan has been in the news for wearing racy outfits that are not per Qatari clothing laws. While the host nation has not reprimanded her, Ivana's own followers have called her out to be 'disrespectful' towards other's cultures.

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