The global cultural and financial media centre, New York, is much more than its iconic sites and cuisines. The land is surrounded by several spooky myths and history that are believed to be wildly entertaining and spooky simultaneously. New York's urban legends and ghost tales will break you in a cold sweat. There's more to New York than just the city; in truth, it's a whole state, and it's full of its share of abnormal stories. The modern human workday mythologies won't be easy for your guts to swallow but trust us; the following contemporary myths will scare the hell out of you. This article looks at some of New York state's most eccentric urban legends and spirit stories, from the ghost trains and lake monster to the mysterious sewer reptile! Who is Yeti? Know Myths and Legends About The Abominable Snowman and Does it Really Exist?

 Sewer-Dwelling Alligators 

Alligator (Photo Credits: Flickr)

The city of New York has the most significant and oldest underground sewers in the nation, which has many myths. What lives down there is still a mystery, but legends say that it is a home for alligators. Sources say that many gators have been captured throughout NYC, which certainly does not dispel the ancient story.

Ghost Trains And Souls Of Dead Who Travel Across Hell Gate Bridge

Hell Gate Bridge (Photo Credits: Flickr)

The vast steel and stone construction that straddles the East River in New York is believed to be haunted by spirits of the dead! Yes, the Hell Gate Bridge is associated with a spooky local legend that tells that a train carries the souls of people who drowned or had their bodies dumped in the stream. People who climb the bridge may see spectral locomotives and strange lights from a train that never arrives.

Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness Monster (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Lake Champlain provides plenty of opportunities for peculiar swimming creatures to make it their home due to its deep waters. The earliest record of a sea beast known as the Loch monster was ascribed by Samuel de Champlain himself, the man after whom the lake is named. In 1609, he reportedly witnessed "a 20-foot serpent thick as a barrel and a head like a horse."

Falling Pennies

Pennies (Photo Credits: Flickr)

The urban legend of the dropping dead pennies will surely make you scratch your head. It is believed that pennies dropped from the top of the 102-story Empire State building are said to reach such a fast pace that they can kill anyone unfortunate enough to be on the sidewalk below.

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