In a bizarre incident, a Nigerian woman bit off her husband's penis after a violent brawl in which the man had reportedly "left marks on her breasts". After a violent clash, the husband had gone to sleep when the accused woman bit off his penis, so badly that he was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night. Reports have it that the man named Udochukwu Nwimo was sleeping when the 25-year-old wife attacked him. She used her teeth to leave the man screaming in pain. According to local publications, the incident happened in Umuofuga Umuhu, Imo State.

The mother of three was reportedly handed over to Police Divisional Headquarters and since she has survived major injuries as well, both of them are receiving treatment currently. A cousin of the victim said to The Sun that the woman's "ex-boyfriend had picked her up" and that because she came home late at night the raging husband attacked her. He said: "Immediately the woman stepped in, a fight ensued between herself and husband. Some neighbours who came around separated them. Then, at midnight, there was a loud shout that woke the people up only to discover that the woman had bitten off his penis while he was asleep. He was taken to the hospital that night. I wonder if he will regain his manhood because it was badly cut." The woman is said to be a drug addict and that fights amongst the couple was very common.

This is not the first time any wife has taken such a drastic measure. Closer to home in Tamil Nadu India, a wife bit off her husband's penis, after the latter found her in a compromising state with her lover. She was arrested from Thuraimoolai village. The man has apparently threatened to make their relationship public, and the woman in a fit of anger bit off a portion of his penis. She then fled from the spot, along with her lover. A similar incident had taken place in Muzaffarnagar, where a wife in a fit of rage chopped off her husband's penis for staying with his second wife, and neglecting her in Uttar Pradesh. The man had to be immediately rushed to the hospital because he was in a critical state.

Sometimes women take such measures to defend themselves. A few months ago, a kidnapped woman, who was being sexually assaulted, bit off the penis of the man who was allegedly assaulting her on knifepoint in South Carolina. The attacker was known to be a repeat sexual offender.

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