New York, May 26: An artificial intelligence (AI) model has suggested that if Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, is elected in the upcoming US Presidential Elections 2024 in November, the risk of a nuclear war could be higher than if an alien were in the White House. The world is currently grappling with numerous international conflicts, including the Russia-Ukraine war and the critical situation in Palestine. With whispers of World War Three growing louder, there is increasing concern about the potential for nuclear conflict.

According to the Daily Star report, AI has claimed if Donald Trump is elected this year, he would be more likely to “start a nuclear war” than if there was an alien in the White House. Trump, who is now leading in certain states according to US pollsters, was previously removed from a social media platform due to his inflammatory remarks. There is a growing fear that his "perfectly sized" finger could soon be hovering over a nuclear missile button. US Presidential Elections 2024: Donald Trump Warns of ‘Bloodbath’ If He is Not Elected President.

What IF Aliens Governed America?

To offer an alternative perspective to US voters, the media outlet asked AI: Would peace be more attainable if aliens governed America? The response from ChatGPT, an AI model, was unexpected. It suggested that a hypothetical extraterrestrial ruler would be less likely to initiate a nuclear war than Donald Trump.

'Aliens Would Prioritise Preserving Life'

The AI explained that with their advanced ethical frameworks, aliens would likely prioritise preserving life and preventing large-scale destruction. In contrast, Trump's aggressive posturing as part of his political strategy could escalate the perceived risk of conflict. Furthermore, the AI suggested that aliens, valuing sustainability and the continuity of their civilisation, would likely have a long-term perspective. The devastating consequences of nuclear war would act as a strong deterrent against its initiation. US Presidential Elections 2024: Joe Biden Pokes Fun at Donald Trump, Age Critiques Ahead of Presidential Polls.

'Human Leaders Likely to Start Nuclear War'

However, human leaders like Trump, who have finite terms and face immediate political pressures, might allow short-term considerations and immediate threats to overshadow long-term strategic thinking.

While the AI did not exclusively criticise Trump, stating that most "human leaders" would be more likely to start a nuclear war, it did highlight Trump's "aggressive rhetoric," which carries the risk of miscalculation.

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