Happy Birthday, Google! The search engine is the go-to place whenever we do not understand anything. It could be something basic as a looking for a spelling or an extensive research for a particular topic of interest, Google is always there. It would not be wrong to say that almost anyone who has an internet connection is dependent on Google, in more than one ways, on its different services. The search engine was founded by the by two PhD students, Sergey Brin and Lawrence (Larry) Page, on September 27, 1998 in their dormitories at California’s Stanford University. More than two decades later, we check most random things on the search engine today. On this day, we tell you 10 things that you are better off searching for on Google. Google Turns 22! Fascinating Facts About the Internet Search Giant to Share on Its 22nd Birthday.

8 Things One Should NEVER Google

Your Symptoms

How many times has the search engine convinced you that you are going to die? People tend to look up the search engine for their health symptoms and such self-diagnosis does nothing but add to the anxiety of yours. Especially at a time when we are already caught up in a pandemic, searching for what your fever and runny nose could mean is a bad idea.

Skin Problems

If you find a mark or mole on any of your body part, do not go on Google looking for the cure. A simple infection or allergy you could be facing could otherwise convince you of signs of cancer too! So the best you can do related with skin problems on Google is contacts of dermatologists around you.


A five-minute search about bedbugs online may convince you that they are already hiding in your bedding. Because there is so much that Google has to offer, you are likely to believe the bugs have invaded your beds already. 'Chappal Meaning in India' on Google Search Shows 'Device Used by Indian Parents to Reshape Their Kids'! Check Funny Meme Result.

Blue Waffle

Do not search for blue waffle, especially in the images, you will be grossed out! The name has nothing to do with your waffles, but relates to a sexually transmitted infection that exists in the internet's fiction. Until a few years ago, the search popped gross images of female genitalia, infected and blue in colour! So do not go on searching more into it.

Cure For Lack of Sleep

Finding out the reason behind your insomnia would only make you stare into the search engine even more. The remedies and related links as you go through them will only take your sleep away.

Smokers' Lungs

There are enough pictures on the internet, now even on some cigarette packets about the damage to one's body as effects of smoking. But unless you want to get gruesomely terrified, be away from this search.

Wet Koala

Koalas are cute, but not the one that Google has stored up for "wet koala" image. Unless you want to be scared by a raging, fanged, annoyed koala then you are better off not looking for this one.

Lemon Party

This is no lemonade party stall ideas but a video clip of 3 elderly gentlemen indulging in sexual activities. It is an old man orgy that became a popular meme few years ago, but you do not want those visuals on your search, trust us. Google Image Results of School Girl vs School Boy Sparks Twitter Debate on Sexualisation of School Girls Portrayed in X-Rated Pics Wearing Skimpy Uniforms!

These are some of the things that you'd better not use the search engine for. Avoid searching for things that you do not want to pop up in embarrassment later on, as you scroll on the search engine with your friends or family beside.

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