The trend of combining two weird foods seem to be the most ridiculous one but it is definitely not going anywhere soon. While we also see some interesting cooking and baking trends on social media every few days, looks like some people just love ruining the foodgasm for others. Last week, after a picture of Maggi Pani Puri went viral on social media, there is another weird food combination that will make you uneasy! Someone has posted a picture of Oreo Bhajiya! What? Why? The uneasiness you feel at reading it is what everyone on the internet who has seen the picture is feeling too.

The monsoon season is almost here and who doesn't love eating a lovely hot plate of bhajiyas? But this picture of Oreo Bhajiya will probably kill all your appetite of having bhajiya again. A Twitter user named BhayanakPuppy has posted a picture that he saw on someone's Instagram. The photo shows literal Oreo biscuit fried like a pakoda and all the Twitter users want to do is unsee it. But now that they've already seen it, the reactions are expectedly unimpressive. Weird Food Combination Trends Return During Quarantine? Man Eats Makki Ki Roti With Maggi! Unimpressed Netizens React With Funny Memes.

Check The Pic of Oreo Bhajiya Here:

Check the reactions of some internet users who are definitely not happy with this experiment.

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Clearly, people are just agitated to see this combination. This also reminds us of another such weird food combo of Orea that went viral a few months ago. A picture of Oreo Ice Cream Samosa was shared by an aspiring chef on Twitter and once again netizens were unimpressed. However, some of them were also interested in trying out how fried ice cream would taste like. But there are no takers for Oreo Bhajiya.

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