Paris Installs Eco-Friendly Toilets & Residents Are Pissed Over It! Know Why
Paris Eco-Friendly Toilets (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Uncontrolled environment degradation has polluted our environment and left us with scarce resources. As researchers sweat out to find various ways to stop water wastage, eco-friendly toilets are being innovated for now. These environment-friendly toilets do not consume much water and hence help in saving freshwater. Not many, but quite a lot of places across the world have already installed it. Bright red, fully exposed, toilets have been placed in Paris to reduce peeing on the streets. But it appears that residents are pissed over rather public eco-friendly urinals. Here is the reason why!

One particular urinal, which is reportedly mounted near Notre Dame Cathedral, the technical epicentre of Paris has invited criticism. Reason? The locals are worried that the new installation may spoil the tourist experience as they enjoy the real essence of the city through Boat cruise along the River Seine. The Reuters reported that the residents are planning to submit a petition calling for the urinals to be removed. The freshly-installed eco-friendly toilets overlook passing tourist boats. Five Eco-Friendly Cosmetics You Can Use If You Care for the Environment. 

Owner of a Venetian art store, Paola Pellizzari was quoted in the same report saying, “There’s no need to put something so immodest and ugly in such an historic spot.” She further added referring to the popular 19th-century French poet, “It’s beside the most beautiful townhouse on the island, the Hotel de Lauzun, where Baudelaire lived.” She said the concept was ‘immodest’ and ‘incites exhibitionism.’

Some even called the urinals ‘sexist’ as they could only be used by men standing up. Gwendoline Coipeault of French feminist group Femmes Solidaires said, “They have been installed on a sexist proposition: men cannot control themselves (from the bladder point of view) and so all of society has to adapt.”

To what is known as ‘Uritrottoir’—a combination of the French words for urinal and pavement, the designer created it to offer an “eco solution to public peeing.” The device is a box with an opening in the front and a straw-laden within which can be collected and used for compost in public parks. Also, each set has a floral display on the top!