Istanbul, December 1: A passenger on an aircraft described himself as "irritated and humiliated" after he was asked to exchange his extra legroom seat for a couple , so they could sit 'next to each other'. Todd Plummer was flying with Turkish Airlines in September from Istanbul to Kilimanjaro, according to Conde Nast Traveller. He had purchased a regular ticket and was assigned seat 11D, which is an exit row with more legroom. Plummer, at six feet two inches, was 'delighted' to have the seat. His joy was short-lived, though, as the airlines quickly asked that he switch seats with a couple because of a double reservation.

According to Plummer, who spoke with CN Traveller, the plane's gate agent "stormed up" to inform him that his seat had been double booked with a couple as soon as he set down in his seat. Although I was already seated, the gate agent informed me that I had to go to 9D to make room for a couple. IndiGo Flight Attendants Fight With Passenger Old Video Goes Viral: 5-Year-Old Clip of Airline Staff Misbehaving With Elderly Man Doing Rounds on Twitter, Here's What Had Happened in 2017.

Plummer expressed his satisfaction with his seat and want to remain there to the gate agent, but he was informed that the aircraft was "very full". Following a protracted awkward period, Plummer said that he "caved" and eventually moved to allow the two to sit close to one another rather than apart across an aisle. IndiGo Airline Crew, Passenger Engage in Heated Argument Onboard Plane, Video Goes Viral.

I would have moved to a seat of similar or greater value if there had been a medical emergency or a youngster who needed to be sat with their parent; I'm a very understanding person, Plummer said. Unfortunately, he continued, for more than seven hours I was filled with silent fury as my legs tightened and my knees banged on the seat in front of me.


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