Democratic candidate Joe Bidden and Republican candidate Donald Trump are done with their final frenzy of campaigning, and it is time for the American citizens to register their vote. The counting is ongoing, and by the end of the day, we are expecting the poll results to be declared. It is a stressful situation across the country. Despite the virus, millions of Americans turned up to the polls and the final moments are those of panic as to who would be elected US 46th President. Amid all of the stressful situations, there have been moments of dogs accompanying their masters to the poll, and there are so pawdorable! Dressed in red, white and blue with ‘I voted’ stickers on them, people are sharing pictures of their dogs, and the images are such relief amid the Election anxiety.

The US Presidential Election is one of the world’s most-awaited widely and closely watched the electoral contest. The situation is intense and this year’s turnout is reportedly higher than the previous election in 2016. Millions have turned up at the polling stations, and some were even accompanied by their pooches. While some people shared their ‘I Voted’ stickers as proof of the voting, others posted pictures of their dogs fully matching the US election theme with #DogsAtPollingStations.

Flashing ‘I voted’ stickers have become a tradition during the Election Day, but it turns out it is a lot cuter when your dog is the one wearing it. Whether they are voting by mail-in ballot or in person, people across the country have taken to social media to share photos of their furry friends. During such a stressful environment of US Presidential Election, photos of the dogs dressed in red, white and blue with ‘I voted’ stickers on them come across as a stress relief people need in the hours.

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How Cute!

'I Voted'

Such a Great Company on Election Day


Aren’t they just so adorable! There have been many moments on social media that display humanity, dancing, dogs, cats, cookies and more, which made this year’s election so interesting. While the result is expected to be announced by day end today, all we hope that positivity continues to prevail on social media.

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