Mumbai, June 3: In the times when the landlords and tenants keep a cold beef between them, this story coming to the fore from Bengaluru has shocked netizens. An entrepreneur in the city found an investor in his landlord, and we are truly happy for him. The peak Bengaluru moment happened when a landlord in India's Silicon Valley invested a whopping $10,000 in their tenant’s startup - a matrimony app Betterhalf.

The Co-Founder and CEO of the application, Pawan Gupta, shared the story on Twitter. “In a tough business landscape, I found an unexpected investor in my landlord. He recently invested $10K in my startup @betterhalfai. Truly amazed by the entrepreneurial spirit everyone in Bangalore shows. Silicon Valley of India for a reason (sic),” he wrote and also shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation with his landlord. Peak Bengaluru! Man Says Car’s GPS Tracker Data Uncovered Wife’s Illicit Affair.

Tenant Finds Investor in Landlord:

The viral conversation between the landlord and tenant shows what the former texted the latter “I’m investing in you, honestly. All the best and hope you reach the greatest of heights,” the landlord messaged the CEO. ‘Kidney on Sale’: Social Media Helps Find Man Behind Viral Poster Put On Streets of Bengaluru.

Since it was shared on June 2, the Twitter post has garnered nearly 7,823 views and received over 200 likes, with netizens expressing a variety of reactions to the tweet. “Is that actually in $ ?? That's great funding. Best wishes,” asked a Twitter user. To which Gupta replied, “Yes - that’s correct. Bangalore surprises you.” Another person added, “Woah how cool is this.” A third joined, “This is such great news!”

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