Periodic Table Trends in Meme Format! Netizens Use Atomic Numbers of Chemicals to Create Funny Memes And Jokes
Periodic table memes (Photo Credits: Twitter)

When was the last time you went through the periodic table of elements? Or does even the mention of the term sound uncomfortable to you? Well, then you might have to strain your eyes and understanding a bit again as the periodic table has now got the internet talking. A tweet has been going viral where a guy has initiated a talk using periodic table numbers and people are going crazy to figure it out. With more and more people joining in, to express themselves using the numbers, now everyone is trying to make sense using the chemical names for metals, non-metals. If you have left science behind, long ago, then sorry to say, but to be able to understand the trending memes you are going to need those lessons. How to Make Finger Point Emoji Memes? Latest Meme Trend Has Twitterati Making Most of Racial Representation Emoticons.

Periodic table of elements is where all the chemical elements are arranged by their atomic number, electron configuration and recurring chemical properties. This organization of the periodic table is used to derive relationships between different elements, their properties and behaviours. But how is this full of science knowledge thing, a part of meme trends? A Twitter user by handle @RaghebAlkilani tweeted an image of the periodic table using numbers to convey something really funny. If you are a science freak, you'd get it instantly. But if you aren't like the many others, then you might have to rack your brains. So a lot of people joined in, some to use the numbers, others to figure it out and the tweet went viral. Soon, the periodic table has become a source of memes on Twitter.

Check The Viral Tweet Here:

As you can see, within two days, it has gone crazy viral with over a lakh likes and 19,000 plus retweets. Haven't been able to figure out what it means? A lot of them could not and kept commenting for the answer. Check the tweet below for the answer. 'Was Invented In...' is the Latest Meme Format Trending on Social Media, People Make Funny Memes on How Everyone Functioned Before Invention of Things.

Get it? So using the atomic numbers, people are now conveying certain ideas or just making plain memes. Check some of the tweets below which use periodic table reference. Some even started replying to the same tweet.

Remember Vasooli Bhai?

Go Figure!

Very Pure Soul

Memes are Getting Into the Education System

Everyone's Got to Studying on Twitter

For someone who absolutely hated this bit of science then this is going to be a tough trend to crack through the memes. So if you had forgotten what you studied in your chemistry classes, thanks to Twitter it is back on your timelines. So be prepared to strain your eyes and look for clues as science enters the meme zone now.