In what is believed to be the world's first, a woman in Philadelphia in the USA  gave birth in the front seat of a Tesla while it was on autopilot. Tesla Launches All-Electric ‘Cyberquad’ ATV for Kids at $1,900

Yiran and Keating Sherry, the parents, were getting ready to drop their three-year-old son to school when Yiran’s water broke. He helped her into the car and started going towards the hospital. Keeping the car on autopilot helped the dad keep an eye on his son in the back seat and also attend to his wife who had gone into intense labour, The Philadelphia Enquirer reported.

With traffic barely moving, the couple realized they won’t be able to make it to the hospital. The husband, Keating, then placed the vehicle on autopilot after setting the satellite navigation to the hospital which was 20 minutes away in the western suburb of Paoli.

After that, he laid one hand gently on the steering while attending to his wife. Yiran Sherry said the decision over whether to try to delay the birth until they reached the hospital was a difficult one. However, she kept glancing at their estimated arrival time and noticed that it was barely changing. Little White Puppy With One Eye, Two Tongues But No Nose Born in Philippines's Aklan (Watch Video & Pics)

The baby was already out by the time the couple arrived at the hospital. The umbilical cord was cut over the car's front seat.

The couple named their daughter Maeve Lily, after briefly considering giving their newborn the middle name ‘Tess’, after the smart car she was born in.

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