Pictures of Pigeons Sitting As Humans Go Viral on Twitter; the Reason Might Break Your Heart! (View Pics)
Pigeons sitting as humans. (Photo Credit: Twitter/ georgie)

Animal photos are anyway delightful to look at, let alone pictures of them trying to act like humans, which they do, knowingly or unknowingly. Usually, we have seen dogs or cats imitating humans. However, like a breeze of fresh air, here are pictures of pigeons sitting like humans are breaking the internet. People cannot get enough of these cute pictures of pigeons sitting like how a human would sit. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are flooded with images of pigeons from all across the world sitting like humans resting their feet out. Love Feeding Pigeons at Gateway of India's Kabutarkhana? BMC Bans Feeding Birds Under 'Swachhta Hi Seva' Campaign.

Take a look at some of these pictures:

Here's another one:

They look depressed

They do look cute but at what cost?

They look so relaxed and chill that you will want to keep looking at them. They are so unbothered that they don't mind humans clicking pictures of them. However, the reactions are mixed. Some think that it is one of the best sights of their life while some seem concerned and point out that they look "depressed."

The reason behind the pigeons not posing like they naturally would and sitting on their butts may be a cause of concern. There is a possibility that they are not okay. Sometimes it is said that pigeons sitting like that could be a signal that they are seriously sick or almost approaching death. They could also be suffering from, a common pigeon disease that could be damaging their legs. Their limping and flying could be possibly hampered by salmonella infection.

While the guesses are innumerable one of the closest guess could be an Avian Paramyxovirus type 1 (PPMV1.) This kind of virus usually causes pigeons to feel lethargic, reluctant to fly and also ruffle their feathers. This kind of virus could even cause the pigeon to die in less than 72 hours.