The visuals of "pink biryani" have taken social media by storm and are haunting netizens with photos and videos. But some are still wondering about the relevance of Barbie long after the movie's release and are taking it in a fun way, asking for Oppenheimer Biryani next! The clip of this disgusting-looking dish went viral across platforms. On seeing the video, many people assume that this weird twist on the traditional biryani features rice dyed a bright pink colour, often accompanied by pink-coloured masala and raita. While some have embraced the trend with enthusiasm, others have expressed scepticism and even disdain, questioning the authenticity and taste of the colourful biryani. Nonetheless, the popularity of pink biryani continues to grow, sparking a colourful conversation in the culinary world.

Heena Kausar Raad, an Instagram user, recently shared a video that stirred up quite a conversation online. In the video, she showcases what she calls "Barbie biryani" – a unique twist on the traditional dish featuring pink-coloured rice, masala, and even raita. According to her caption, this colourful creation was prepared for a Barbie-themed party hosted at her baking school, HKR Baking Academy. Biryanis of India: From Lucknowi Biryani to Hyderabadi Biryani, Here Are 7 Biryanis That Will Definitely Make Your Tastebuds Sing.

The video begins with a glimpse of the Barbie-themed party setting, complete with pink and silver balloons adorning the room. Heena, the baker, stands before a table draped in matching colours, adding to the theme's vibrancy. She then proceeds to demonstrate the preparation of the dish, pouring a creamy-looking substance from a sealed bag into a bowl, revealing it to be the raita meant to accompany the biryani. She explains that even the raita's colour was chosen to match the party's theme.

While Heena's creativity and attention to detail were evident in her presentation, not everyone was on board with the idea of "Barbie biryani." Commenters expressed their disapproval, with many finding the concept unappetizing. Some took a lighthearted approach, turning the discussion into a playful banter.

Even Swiggy Instamart, a popular food delivery service, joined the conversation. The brand commented on the post, humorously acknowledging the unconventional nature of "Barbie biryani" and dubbing it as 'Not your regular "Barbie marketing is insane' post." Check out the video of Pink Biriyani going viral:

Heena's Barbie biryani may have sparked a debate among food enthusiasts, but it undeniably showcased her innovative take on a traditional dish. Whether loved or loathed, her colourful creation serves as a reminder of the endless possibilities for creativity in the culinary world.

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