Pregnant women are definitely more careful about their baby bump and love observing the growth of their stomach, feeling the baby kicks and all that. But a woman in Virginia filming her baby bump was in for a shock when she saw the video later. A small black shadow was seen appearing near her bed and she has no answer what or who it could be. A video of the small Snapchat clip has been shared on Reddit by her sister and people are also feeling the not-so-good vibes after watching the video. Holy Sh*t! Dead Body Waves From Inside His Coffin at Cremation Ground, Spooky Viral Video Will Scare the Bejesus Out of You.

Reddit user malakaijamess posted the video a few weeks ago and asked people on the platform what are their thoughts about this footage. It is just a 20-second Snapchat clip with the woman's baby bump in a frame. The text reads, "My heart is actually breaking". The text refers to their pet kitten who can be faintly mewing in the background. The pregnant woman wanted to make a video to capture the baby's kick but clearly she got to see more than what she needed. Towards the end of the clip, a black shadow appears in the video, just when it ends. ‘Ghostly’ Black Cat Vanishes Into Thin Air at Night; Surveillance Camera Captures Spooky Incident (Watch Video).

Check The Creepy Video Here:

Was wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on this. It happens at the end and this is a video my pregnant little sister took originally because the baby was moving and she thought her kitty was crying because his companion had just had to be put down. from r/Ghosts

With the cat mewing and the colours, the video does look creepy, right? People on Reddit commented if it could anyone else from the house. To this, the jamess replied that her sister was alone in the house. She mentioned that she along with her boyfriend were staying at an extremely old house before they found another place. One of the person commented, "Oh! Heck no! I'm glad to hear your sister is ok and not in that house anymore. I got really bad vibes from this video." Her sister also had a feeling that she was being watched over by someone in this house. The video does give the spooky feels, right? What do you think, could it be a supernatural occurrence?

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